Sweater for Men. Plus Size. Saddle-shoulder sleeve style. Free Knitting Pattern.

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Hello friends.
As we wrote you earlier, today we are publishing the first knitting pattern for free download from our cycle (

Sweater for Men. Plus Size. Saddle-shoulder sleeve style. Free Knitting Pattern.

This is a sweater for a man with a non-standard figure: a large girth of the abdomen and high growth. Sweater size is EU 64 / USA 64 / GB 62 / International 10XL. There are many knitting patterns, but almost all of them are for standard sizes. Finding a knitting pattern for a figure with features is not easy.
The basic dimensional data of the figure for which the pattern was created is:

Basic measurement Inches  cm
full length 32 81
chest circumference 50 127
circumference in the widest part of the abdomen 55 140
hips circumference 51.2 130
back width 23.6 60
shoulder slope 2 5
shoulder length 7.9 20
neckline length 23.6 60
wrist circumference 8.3 21
arm length from shoulder to wrist 27.2 69
intended ease 0.8 2

This sweater has a sleeve-shoulder style and round neckline. The front of the sweater is widened and lengthened. The garment is balanced in a way that the man is as comfortable as possible — the sweater does not rise up from his stomach during movements and there is no excess fabric on the back. Many times, large-sizes sweaters have a huge armhole, this leads to the formation of many folds of fabric under the arm. In this pattern, the armhole is designed so that these folds do not exist and simultaneously, the armhole will not be narrow. Also, very often, large-sized sweaters are made too long to completely close the belly. But the same length of the front and back give a visual feeling that the back of the sweater is much longer than front length. We also took this into account in our pattern. The front of the sweater is lengthened, but the back is not. The smooth transition allows you to align the length of the front and back on the side seam.


Graph pattern of sweater

The central part of the sleeves from the cuff to the neck is decorated with a stripe with a nice stitch pattern. The same strip is located on the front of the sweater. These stripes visually lengthen the figure to make it look slimmer.
The pattern is suitable for yarn length 75-85 yards (70-80 meters) per 50 g (1.8 oz.) — Bulky yarn and knitting needles: size US-10 (6 mm). The knitting gauge is 15 stitches & 28 rows in 4 inches (10 cm). The total amount of yarn required for the product is 2072 yards (1895 meters).

If you are interested in the pattern, you can download it right here. We do not require registration or other actions from you.

In the next post, we will publish the knitting pattern with the summer top for women.
This knitting pattern was created using online software. 

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If the size, style, yarn does not suit you in this project, you can fill out the form at the end of the post and send it to us. We are fast and free to recalculate the project for your parameters and send you a new pattern. You will only have to knit your garment using the pattern.