Free Knitting Patterns

Hello friends!
During some time in this blog, I will periodically post articles with free knitting patterns. These patterns will be for men's, women's and children's clothing. The goal of these posts and patterns is to show that if you want to knit something, it is not necessary to buy patterns online. You can create your own pattern and knit the garment you want.

The process of creating knitted garments consists of several stages:
•    The design of the article and creation of patterns with instructions for knitting and the assembly of this article
•    Choosing and buying needed yarn, tools, and accessories
•    The knitting process in accordance with the pattern

Graph pattern

The most enjoyable stage would be the third, and the most difficult and terrible stage would be the first. The first step (or rather the reluctance or inability to execute it), is most popular reason for searching and purchasing knitting or crocheting patterns.

Why is the first stage so frightening for knitters? Because in order to design knitted or crocheted clothes, it is necessary to perform several consistent and interrelated actions:
1.    Determine for whom and what you want to knit then, select all the style parameters of this garment (for example, the style of sleeves, shape of the neckline, the intended ease, etc.), set the size of the clothes.
2.    Create the schematic pattern of the garment in inches or centimeters. The schematic pattern usually consists of some pattern elements.
3.    Determine the density of the knitting (gauge), if you want to get the garment selected size, not larger or smaller on 2-3 sizes. Only with the gauge, you can accurately convert the size of the pattern from inches or centimeters into stitches and rows. In order to determine gauge, it is necessary to make the swatch. For many knitters, creating a swatch looks like a tedious and useless action. I partially agree with them, knitting the swatches is also not my favorite activity. After all, in addition to knitting a swatch, it needs to be wet blocking and drying. It takes time. You tend to want to knit and not be distracted by small things. I always knit swatches because, besides the fact that it gives me confidence in the size of the finished garment, I can still accurately determine the amount of yarn that I need. After the wet blocking and drying, it is necessary to measure the width and height of the swatch, as well as to calculate the number of stitches in the row and the number of rows. In order to accurately calculate the amount of yarn, the knitted/crochet swatch must be weighed or measured by the length of the yarn in the swatch. 
4.    Based on the swatch data, recalculate all elements of the pattern in the stitches and rows and create instructions for knitting/crocheting showing the increase and decrease of stitches in the respective rows.
5.    Choose the sequence and methods of assembling the elements of the garment into a coherent whole.
6.    Bring all the information together as a knitting/crochet pattern.

It is the execution of time-consuming calculations and scares knitters. After all, they want to knit, and not worry about the math!
Now all the above actions (except for creating a swatch, weighing it and measuring it) can be performed using online software. Creating a single project (if there is data on the gauge and mass of the swatch), takes from 5 to 7 minutes, if you do not apply stitch patterns to the elements. If you apply stitch patterns, it can take 5 minutes longer. It is much faster than searching for a pattern on the Internet that suits your idea, yarn, and tools.

All patterns that will be published in this account are created using this online knitting software. They are PDF files and are available for download without registration or other actions.


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